Clear Quartz Earrings



The Benefits of Clear Quartz Jewelry?

Clear Quartz is called the “Master Healer” because it has the ability to amplify the effects of other crystals and harmonize all chakras.

It can help you manifest your intentions, make decisions, and clear your mind by reflecting your true self.

It can heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by purifying and balancing your aura and organs.

Clear quartz is a crystal that can enhance your energy, clarity, and healing.

It can also protect you from negative energy, radiation, and pollution by absorbing, storing, and releasing it.

All Om My Shea gemstone jewelry creations, carry high vibrational frequencies to help the wearer conquer & slay the day! Gems by Laura have been energetically cleared & recharged, creating a higher vibe & radiance undeniable. Feel the Vibrance of Om My Shea Gems by Laura!

Please allow 2 day processing & handling prior to shipment release.

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