Love Gardenia – Om Candles (8 hours burn time) – 100% Soy (8.5oz)


Gemstone: Rose Quartz – Meditating with Rose Quartz assists one in reaching a resonance with the frequency of compassion, releasing emotional patterns that sometimes holds one back. Rose Quartz allows for embracing higher and finer frequencies of Light thru the Heart & Mind.
♥ Unconditional love
♥ Self-love
♥ Mother love
♥ Caring
♥ Kindness
♥ Friendship
♥ Romantic love
♥ Platonic love
Chakras – Heart Chakra

Breathe in the fragrant accords of tropical white florals in full bloom with Gardenia Tuberose fragrance. This dreamy scent begins with top notes of gardenia and lemon peel as it gives way to a blossoming heart of tuberose, jasmine, and green florals. A soft powdery finish gives depth to this earthy floral. This candle burn time is 8 hours.

Please allow 2 day processing & handling prior to shipment release.