Om Body Butters

Raw Shea Butter is the edible fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree.  In its natural state, it protects the skin from sun damage because it is rich in essential fatty acids that help moisturize and hydrate skin. Combined with other Earth Sourced ingredients.

“NATURALLY IT IS THE ESSENCE OF A BLACK WOMAN BUt, as IVE embody this product and INCORPORATED  INTO MY DAILY  SKIN CARE REGIMEN I HAVE SEEN NOTHING BUT  AMAZEMENT! I was asked “do you shave your legs?” By an esthetician  recently, and my reply was, “I use OM MY Shea Body Butter chile” get ur Life and get u some. If you want your skin to love you then Love it with OM MyShea! It’s butter baby 💛🤎🧡”


“Rita’s Shea body butter is the best Shea butter I’ve ever used in my life. It goes on easy. It doesn’t take much and it smells fantastic. That’s not counting all the fabulous healing oils she uses.”


“I am so pleased with the Om My Shea body butter… prior to being introduced to it by Rita, I was having to use seasonal type lotions and oils that was not working, yet I have found with Om My Shea, I can use it year-round and it has provided me the hydration, healthful comfort and appearance I have desired. And I am grateful for the natural and organic ingredients that I can applied to my body.
Once you try it you will not want to go back.”
Kerry Lynn Dasher